Live Facebook Q&A (Oct 3) – Transcript

Last night Seamus kindly took to Facebook and answered a ton of questions from his fans! For those who missed it (or couldn’t keep up) here’s the transcript:

1) That had better be a big old misunderstanding next week i already lost the cap, if somethin happens to Ryan im personally headin to la to have a talk with the writers

Seamus Dever: Nah, its a good episode next week. Some in the network are calling it top 5 all time best Castle ep.

2) Did you ever perform in a musical/play in high school, and if yes, which one was your favorite? πŸ™‚

Seamus: West Side Story. Sophomore year. All my best friends were in it. I played “Action”. I got to sing Krupke.

3) What is one of the most memorable lines/moments that you or someone on the cast improvised during filming that made it into the episode?

Seamus: When I asked Castle “What color is your shirt? Blue or Black? The sun was in my eyes” Season 1. Director asked me to improv something. It just came out.

4) A little regret this idea, perhaps?

Seamus: Not yet. It is a little chaotic on the left side of my screen. I’m ignoring it.

5) Hey Seamus – do you reckon you can work on the powers that be to get #Castle Season 4 on Australian TV – it’s killing us down here.

Seamus: I think you’ll get it right after Canada. You guys aren’t far behind the US.

6) Curious u said during the pizza episode that ur favorite was Saullos in st Louis. Why do u like it and when are you coming back? (mr Saullos brother is a “regular” where I work)

Seamus: All about the thin crust, baby. Give Mr Saullo my best. My wife is from St. Charles.

7) Hi! What’s been the best joke played on set? πŸ™‚ Have a great evening!

Seamus: The joke I played on Jon Huertas about my car. I talked about it at comic con.

8 ) Against your will, you must take a road trip (in a smart car, in which you cannot get away from your fellow passenger’s movements or comments or the odors which surround them). You have a choice of three travel companions, Ann Coulter, Andrew Breitbart, or 300 pounds of rotting, maggot-infested excrement. Which do you choose? Which DO YOU CHOOSE? πŸ™‚

Seamus: I’d take the shit. Better conversation.

9) you play a detective, so tell me…. where’s waldo? what happened to him? is foul play suspected?

Seamus: Waldo’s dead.

11) Let’s talk about you, I know enough about Castle! Apart to be actor what else do you do?! I can see the answer coming: Planking! Greetings from Venezuela!

Seamus: I run a lot.

12) Will you ever come to Australia to meet your Australian fans? :]

Seamus: Yes, this xmas. Stay tuned for more. I’m serious.

13) If you could play any other character on castle who would you choose? πŸ™‚

Seamus: Probably Beckett.

14) What do we gotta do to convince Mrs Dever to get on twitter/facebook?

Seamus: I don’t think I can convince her to join twitter.

15) What did you have for breakfast?

Seamus: Blueberry shake with rice protein and chia seed. You asked…

16) When did you start acting? Did you do any acting/commercials when you were a child. Looking forward to the episode of you and Jenny getting married.

Seamus: Started acting when I was 6. Nothing but theatre til I was 22.

17) Who is your favorite actor/actress that you’ve had the pleasure of working with on the show?

Seamus: Eddie Shinn. “Johnny Vong” from 2.13

18) if you were not an actor, what would you want to be? hello from australia by the way πŸ™‚

Seamus: Astronaut.

19) Did you add “Beckett’s down, Beckett’s down!” Or was that part of the script?

Seamus: Did it in post. Automated Dialogue Replacement.

20) What’ your favorite episode to date??

Seamus: Gonna be ep 4.04. Currently it’s 3.12 – Nikki Heat.

21) What’s your fave memory from your days in AZ?

Seamus: Taking my 1980 Chevy Chevette out to the desert and jumping over dunes.

22) How do you pass the time when you have excessive amounts of downtime on set?

Seamus: I read. Or listen to Nathan’s stories of his youth.

23) Kick the Ballistics looks intense ..Never seen Ryan so intense .How was the experience shooting it ?

Seamus: Good. Hard. Rob Bowman really pushed me. Reminded me that I really love acting.

24) If you ever get the opportunity to direct an episode of Castle, would you? and what would the episode be about??

Seamus: Sure. probably will never happen. And we don’t really get to choose subjects

25) Favorite breakfast food. Go.

Seamus: Eggs

26) Hey Seamus, what scene are you most proud of so far this season?!

Seamus: Interrogation room scene in next weeks episode.

27) Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

Seamus: They are both good for different things

28) Are we going to learn more about Ryan’s backstory?

Seamus: Eventually we’ll get there.

29) I think you all should hire Joss Whedon and have a musical “Castle” episode. I think you can dance (no dumb reality show needed).

Seamus: Nah, there would be too many Firefly references.

30) Do you ever hand out with Molly Quinn?

Seamus: Ate lunch with her the other day. We are both vegetarians.

31) Detective, can you come to Muscle Shoals and figure out who stole the toilet paper from the public restroom? There was also a complaint about loud thumps eminating from a central point around where the toilet paper was stolen. Anything?

Seamus: Always look at the drifters first when it comes to public restrooms. My guess is that you’ll catch him at the Greyhound station.

32) Are you as bad ass in real life as Ryan is on Castle??

Seamus: Even badder

33) Hi, Seamus. I’m still waiting for tonight’s episode to air on the West coast but am wondering if you have a favorite moment or scene from “Head Case” – either on or off screen. Thanks for chatting & love the show!

Seamus: Probably when we go into the cryo lab. Got to hang out with Bill Atherton all day and my friend Chris Goodman was in that scene.

34) what music would people be surprised to know you listen to?

Seamus: Northern European rap or 60s french pop.

35) By the way, I really hope your email isn’t being bombarded with notification emails.

Seamus: I have plenty of gmail space. It tells me so everytime I log in

36) Best St. Patricks Day memory?

Seamus: The best ones I can’t remember.

37) Are you full Irish, or is there more to your heritage?

Seamus: My mother’s side is French, German, Russian, Polish and Cherokee. Crazy blend.

38) So, uh, why are you so awesome?

Seamus: Good genes and a vegetarian lifestyle.

Seamus: I meant “good” genes. Goo genes is something completely unrelated.

39) What’s your ‘Must See’ TV?

Seamus: Happy Endings kicked ass last week. Funny funny. Modern Family is brilliant every third episode lately.

40) Which episode has been the most fun to film/which episode is your favorite?

Seamus: The season 3 finale was the fun/brutal. Next week, ep 4.04 was the hardest and most rewarding though.

41) You know what? If you are really one centh the cute Ryan is, you are really sweet! Your wife is a lucky woman πŸ™‚

Seamus: I tell her that everyday. She just hit me,

42) What is your favorite thing about being a member of the Castle crew?

Seamus: Working with really funny people.

43) Yuengling Lager or Black & Tan?

Seamus: Classic Lager. Doesn’t get any more American than that.

44) Ok…so you should ponder visiting the Space Capital…Huntsville, Alabama….you could visit where it all began…and see Space Camp..

Seamus: Really wanted to go to space camp as a kid. Too expensive. Had to settle for the space museum in Hutchinson Kansas.

45) We saw Stana test driving the Arcimoto SRK. Did you get to test out that baby as well? Any new things coming up for the ATP?

Seamus: Hell yeah. Alan Tudyk and I drove that thing.

46) Weirdest thing you had to do, wear, or say for the show?

Seamus: Wait til episode 4. 08. You have no idea…

47) I think he just went to sleep.

Seamus: Still here.

48) Are you looking forward to meeting up with fans at the Castle Convention? :p

Seamus: You bet. Still working on Jon.

49) How long are your days when you are working? How long does it take to finish a show?

Seamus: 12 to 14 hour days. 8 days an episode.

50) Do you find make-up annoying? I do…

Seamus: It gets all over the neck of all my t shirts. Other than that I forget I wear it.

51) Ok, one last question and then i’ll shutup and go to bed, and it’s an important one. Favorite Ice Cream? πŸ™‚

Seamus: Carrot Cake Ice cream from Cool Haus.

52) Since the show started, a bunch of friends and I started a group called ‘Castle Fangirls Unite’. We are all from different parts of the world; India, Australia, Canada, and from here in the U.S.
Did you like playing the role of Dr. Ian Devlin? I remember when that was on. πŸ™‚ Everyone goes for Castle, but you are my favorite! πŸ™‚ Thank you!!!

Seamus: Thanks, you have discerning taste.

53) What can we do to celebrate how awesome your episode next week is going to be?

Seamus: Tell everyone to watch and that they like seeing Espo and Ryan do serious stuff. BTW, Jon has a f**king hilarious scene next week.

54) Does Tyler really bitch, bitch, bitch?

Seamus: No. He’s a good guy. Everybody picks on Tyler. That’s because they all know his family well. He’s sort of like a little brother to the camera crew.

55) How long have you been a vegetarian? I’ve been one for a year now and feeling great!! Ever have any problems with your iron levels? I donate blood regularly and have noticed that it takes longer to regenerate my iron levels.

Seamus: β€Ž8 years. Eat more legumes.

56) How is this Facebook Q&A working out for you?

Seamus: Great as long as I ignore the left side feed.

57) Would you ever come to Austin Texas? What about for South by south west music festival in March?

Seamus: I’ve been there. Usually I’m too busy during SXSW. Did a shakespeare fest up in Kilgore in 2002.

58) do you know any other languages?

Seamus: Russian and Spanish

59) How do you guys cope with wearing so many layers when you’re filming in LA?

Seamus: Makes it really hard when it gets hot. Recently we started wearing t shirts under the body armor vests. That is so much better.

60) We don’t hear much about the show in Australia (even though you guys have an absolutely HUGE fan base here), so I’m curious as to whether you’ve ever been here, or whether you and your lovely wife are planning a visit anytime soon?

Seamus: Yes, this Christmas. Melbourne and Sydney.

61) Since you’re originally from Michigan, do you have any favorite sites/vacation spots in Michigan (as rare as they are)?

Seamus: Yes, my family has a cabin on Beaver Lake. That was my fave as a kid. Boblo Island was fun too.

Seamus: Autoworld kind of sucked. Went there on opening day.

62) What’s been up, my good man? and what’s your favorite Castle Episode/scene?

Seamus: The bet/hand slap scene in The Double Down was hilarious.

63) Ok, we all know Nathan is *obsessed* with Game of Thrones. What tv shows, if any, do you obsess over?

Seamus: Used to be Sopranos. I was obsessed.

Seamus: And Father Ted. And Slings and Arrows.

64) What questions you are bored in an interview?

Seamus: “Who’s the biggest prankster on set?”

65) Since when you been watching the Eurovision Song Contest?

Seamus: Since my honeymoon in Greece. 2006.

66) is Feist really your cousin?
what is the strangest thing on your ipod ?

Seamus: Yes, Leslie is my third cousin from my mom’s side. Would you believe that I listen to Kraftwerk?

67) You’ve told us your favorite episode is “The Double Down” (one of my personal faves, too!), but do you have a least favorite? (As hard as it is to pick a ‘least favorite’.)

Seamus: Can’t tell you that.

68) I’m really hoping that there will be an episode dedicated to Ryan’s wedding this season…can you hint towards anything in that direction? πŸ˜‰

Seamus: Look for the middle of the season, I think.

69) Thank you Seamus for answering my questions. Have to go to bed here now in NY I am a sub. teacher/aide have to be up early. Thanks again for a great job on Castle. Looking forward to next Monday. Give the cast a high five for me and all the other Castle fans out there. πŸ™‚

Seamus: Thanks for being a teacher.

70) Does everyone play Angry Birds on set?

Seamus: I don’t

71) What are your favorite/least favorite words?

Seamus: I like “Zeitgeist”.

72) hello πŸ™‚ what was your favourite subject at high school? also do you have any pets? πŸ™‚

Seamus: Loved Literature class. I have two dogs.

73) Favourite Canadian. Go. πŸ˜‰

Seamus: Terry Fox.

74) Do you find it odd that Heat Rises, a book written by a fictional author, made it to #1 on the NY Times Bestseller list?

Seamus: That’s crazy. Rick Castle is a good writer. I knew he could do it.

75) if the moon was made of cheese, would you eat it? :-p

Seamus: Only if it was a properly served Raclette.

76) Do you have a favourite genre of music? I’m partial to 80s rock myself, thanks to growing up on my dad’s CD collection.

Seamus: Jazz.

77) Have you ever regretted any of your acting roles?

Seamus: Yes, my first film. I look like shit. Acted like I was still onstage.

78) Weapon of choice for a zombie apocalypse?

Seamus: Sword.

79) Has Nathan truly stopped slapping people this season? πŸ™‚ That blooper reel was funny!

Seamus: Slapped me the other day. Slapped him right back.

80) What is the most important thing in the world, justice or law? Have a nice night Seamus, thank you for chatting! πŸ™‚ Hugs to your lovely wife!

Seamus: Justice.

Seamus: Pizza is important too.

81) Suggestions for getting over a horrible cold? (your interaction with the fans is already helping!)

Seamus: A shot of Bushmills or Don Julio.

82) What did your parents say when you told them you wanted to be an actor?

Seamus: My dad encouraged it. He was my drama teacher. My mom wanted me to be a scientist.

83) Why you would you like to be beckett? if you could change the roles of the characters. =)

Seamus: I think deep down Ryan wants to be an adult.

84) Why did you take the role of Ryan on Castle? What sparked your interest in it?

Seamus: Money.

Seamus: Jk. Steady work and a chance to start a show and build a character.

85) How is doing Castle different from your stint on General Hospital?

Seamus: It’s got longer days and I don’t wear a stethescope.

86) Guilty pleasure?

Seamus: Ye olde Spaghetti Warehouse. And Milli Vanilli.

87) What keeps you the most grounded, now that you are on a hit tv show? And recommendations for a good mfa acting program?

Seamus: Check out Delaware. I’m serious.

Seamus: And Wayne State.

88) On the episode 13 of the 3rd season called “Knockdown”, How did it felt the really COLD water on your face?! Hard scene right?

Seamus: That wasn’t bad. I just got wet all over. Couldn’t stop shaking.

89) The other day I was watching CSI: NY, and I saw you. Roles were reversed, it was so strange seeing you as a suspect

Seamus: I know. Melina was awesome to work with. I learned something from her on that scene.

90) Tell me, how old were you on this photo ? You’re really cute, as always !

Seamus: I was 28.

91) Paper or plastic?

Seamus: Reusable bags. Get in the game, Emily.

92) your proposal scene was quite possibly THE sweetest one i’ve ever seen on tv. it made it so much more beautiful that you actually got to say it to your wife!! πŸ™‚ thanks for making me cry every time i watch that scene!!!!! πŸ™‚

Seamus: Aww, thanks. It was a very truthful moment.

93) Any Stalkers yet?

Seamus: Just ex girlfriends.

94) Finally thought of a question… If you could have a role in any old classic movie which one would it be and why?

Seamus: Mr Smith goes to Washington.

95) Have you broken any bones? How?

Seamus: Broke my ankle in season 2. That sucked. Broke my collarbone when I was 4.

96) What was your favorite book as a child? Disney movie?

Seamus: Mickey in the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak

97) I should go to sleep, but I can not you answer me two messages. It’s the best day ever.OMG!OMG! I LOVE YOU GUY!β™₯ THANK YOU FOR BEING SO DEDICATED TO YOUR FANS

Seamus: You’re welcome. Try to get some rest.

98) Favorite movie of all time?

Seamus: Chinatown

99) Get an MFA or just keep plugging along auditioning? Your take?

Seamus: I’m of 2 minds on the matter. I wished i could have started auditioning earlier in life but I know that my education was irreplaceable.

100) Who is your favorite co-star?

Seamus: Juliana Dever

101) whats in all thoses coffee cups on the show? Empty?

Seamus: Sometimes coffee. Until I get a headache. Then I switch to water.

102) When someone first finds out you are a vegetarian, what is your favorite response to the inevitable question, ‘What do you eat!?’

Seamus: Nothing but Tofu.

103) It’s awesome that you’re doing this for your fans! Do you play any sports/have any favorite teams?

Seamus: Basketball. Detroit Pistons.

104) favorite alfred hitchcock film?

Seamus: Strangers on a train.

105) What’s your favourite PBS show?

Seamus: Nova! Duh….

106) On the S3 DVD bloopers there is a shot from the end of Last Call…can you tell us if it is you with your trousers round your ankles?!

Seamus: It ain’t me. I’m passed out under the bench.

107) Someone from gh youd like to see guest on Castle? (that hasnt already)

Seamus: Sebastian Roche.

108) Will you live tweet next week’s episode?

Seamus: Nah, i want to watch it.

109) Just watched “Castle” and it was fun reading your answers here, but now I’ve to get ready for work. Wish you a wonderful night :))

Seamus: Hit the sack!

110) If you had time to do more theatre, what would your dream show be?

Seamus: Gotta do Hamlet while I still care.

111) The files… does they actually say something or they’re just empty sheets? I’ve always wondered.. lol!

Seamus: The prop dept works very hard on those. Most of the time they are about the case.

112) hey will you please please please do a Top Gear at some point???????????

Seamus: I’d love to. I think I’d have to be a bigger star or British.

113) Do you like sudoku? ( I do not know what to ask)

Seamus: I don’t like Sodoku. I can’t stop counting to 9. It’s bad for my head.

114) favorite book of all time?

Seamus: The Master and Margarita.

115) If you could guest star on any tv show (past or present), what would it be and why?

Seamus: I want to go back in time and recurr on MASH.

116) Jon has a different badge (number) this year, do you?

Seamus: Yes, we all do. It was a big deal. Tell you about it in person some time.

117) So excited to have an episode about the 3XK again next week, was it fun to relive the experience?

Seamus: Yes, but now I get a little spooked when I watch Pan Am.

118) Gah! This is rather addicting! I am going to follow the rest of the Midwest/East Coast and go to sleep now. 
Thank you so much for all that you do!

Seamus: Don’t go….

119) Would you ever consider Broadway?

Seamus: It’s in my senior yearbook as a goal. I need more than 2 months between seasons though.

120) Are you sad that Borders Books went out of business?

Seamus: Nah, long live the independent book stores!

121) Whats your lucky/ favorite number?

Seamus: β€Ž7

122) Yo! We need more Yo’s this season!!!! πŸ˜‰

Seamus: He tries to do as many as he can

123) how do you get rid of roaches? my apt is old and my neighbors are gross! I think they are immune to my raid and boric acid treatments πŸ™

Seamus: Move. And burn everything.

Seamus: Gotta go eat dinner. 5 more minutes.

125) How long did you live in AZ? I think you need to come visit my little town! We need some excitement! πŸ™‚

Seamus: Where are you from? I lived in AZ for 14 years.

126) Wow thats a long time! A little city called Safford in Southeastern part of the state!

Seamus: County seat of Graham County.

127) Orsen wells last movie was the transformers(animated) film… Are you a wells fan and if so what was your fav film of his?

Seamus: F is for fake.

Seamus: Or Touch of Evil

Seamus: Goodnight facebook. We love you.

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